Reverse Logistics Management

Track and trace your temperature-sensitive containers around the world
Credo ProEnvision

In addition to consistent superior performance, Pelican BioThermal supports its patented, original Golden Hour Technology with our patent pending cloud-based Credo ProEnvision™ asset management software application. It is designed to effectively collaborate with our customers on the need for an effective reverse logistics management tool that tracks and traces their valuable, reusable Credo shipper inventory. Credo ProEnvision™ assists in managing the complexities of reverse logistics with real time tracking individual shipments through the entire distribution cycle.

The robust Credo ProEnvision® reverse logistics tracking system includes:

  • Convenient, secure cloud-based access from anywhere
  • Executive Dashboard Reporting
  • A world-wide view of Credo shipper movement and asset management
  • Highly accountable Credo KPI reporting - usages, shipped vs. received, return rates
  • Client defined and customizable asset management life cycle system reporting 
  • Enhanced navigation - an intuitive and user-friendly experience
  • Integration and collaboration with major third party logistic carriers’ management systems (like FedEx, UPS and World Courier) providing pickup/delivery immediate updates - both domestic and international 
  • Providing automatic alerts and triggers for maintenance, refurbishment, re-use, replenishment and next shipments
  • Comprehensive education, training and deployment assistance on reverse logistics processes